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General FAQ's

1. What time are your classes?
    Each Facility has unique opening hours. Lessons start from 3.20 during school term. All learn to swim lessons are 20 minutes long.

2. Does my child need to wear goggles?
    Goggles are not a necessity. We advise the use of goggles when teaching new or challenging swimming skills. Goggles stop the eyes from getting irritated allowing the child to swim for longer, they also relax the child by giving them the ability to see where they are going under water. However for safety reasons it is important that children do not become reliant on goggles and learn to swim without goggles.

3. How long will it take for my child to learn how to swim?
    It is impossible to give an exact answer for this question as every child is different. However practise and exposure to the water are the keys to learning how to swim and how to be confident in the water. Our daily lessons offer great water exposure and daily swimming throughout the Summer at rivers and beaches can assist in being water confident. 

4. What if my child is in the incorrect swimming class for their ability?
Your child is being constantly assessed during their swimming lessons. If your child is placed into the incorrect class at the start or is ready to be moved onto the next level this will be done within the first three days of lessons. You will be contacted to arrange a new class time.

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Pattison Swim School is open from October to March and is located
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