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School Age Swimming


Pattison Swim School offer school age swimming lessons every afternoon during the summer school terms, between 3.20pm and 6 pm (times and availability may change). During school holidays (the month of January) lessons are held from 10am through to 12pm and again from 3pm through until 6pm allowing more flexibility.

The cost of 10 School Age lessons is $115.00 for a two week block course





Child's Current Swimming Ability

Age Range



Working Towards
Timid Beginner Total Beginner will not put their face in the water or will not completely submerge. 5 years+ 20 minutes 1:5 Water confidence both in and out of the water
Confident Beginner Can Confidently submerge and front float 5 years+ 20 minutes 1:6 Strong streamline kicking. Freestyle arm action with kicking. Freestyle swim 5m without stopping.
Good Beginner Can streamline kick and freestyle arm action across the width of the pool without stopping 5 - 7 years 20 minutes 1:6 Stroke development, freestyle breathing position.
Breather Can freestyle stroke 6-8 strokes without stopping. Can back float and kick on their back. Swimmers who can stroke competently and have not yet learnt the breathing technique and for those who need assistance with breathing position.   7 years+ 20 minutes 1:6 Working towards stroke development, freestyle breathing position. Aim to swim 25m freestyle with breathing.
Good Breather Can swim 25m freestyle with breathing & 15m Backstroke.  5 - 7 years 20 minutes 1:6 Working towards stroke development. 25m backstroke swim. An introduction to breaststroke
Improver Swimmers who are competent at freestyle and backstroke now get an introduction to breaststroke and spend time developing the three strokes in the lane pool. 8 years+ 20 minutes 1:6 Working towards stroke development. 25m backstroke swim. Breaststroke swim.
Advanced Refinement of freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke. Introduction to butterfly and stamina swimming 8 years+ 20 minutes 1:7 Working toward stroke development in all strokes. Turns & Dives. Building stamina.


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