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Pattison Swim School is committed to creating stronger, safer swimmers in a child-centred, nurturing environment.
At Pattison Swim School, we strongly believe that learning to swim well is an asset for life. The Pattison Swim School teaching programme has been designed over a 33-year period to create the best possible learning outcome for each individual pupil. Our programmes make learning to swim a process that can be mastered by everybody!
As with all education for young children, swimming is an ongoing learning programme. Swimming is also a highly complicated motor skill that takes time, patience and practice.
Our structured programme allows your child to gain confidence in and under the water. They then progress through the learn to swim phases of Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Butterfly.
Our Pattison Swim School Aquatic Educators pride themselves on finding the best possible method to suit each individual’s learning style and personality. The emphasis is on parent and child safety education, with swimming skills delivered in a developmentally appropriate programme.

quote.gifI was so amazed by...

the progress my 4 year old made at this great swim school. After 2 weeks we did another 2 weeks and by the end she was doing overarm, which is no mean feat for a total beginner.
Carolyn Bovey-Brown

quote.gifMelissa has carried on...

 the established methods of coaching from the Pattisons, which has provided consistency in my children’s swimming technique and confidence. During the daily lessons, Melissa was approachable to discuss our children’s progress.
The daily lessons over two weeks have provided outstanding swimming progress with our children. Our children gained the swimming skills that we had wished for from the lessons.
Kelvin and Julie Gordan

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Pattison Swim School is open from October to March and is located
at 250 Hampden Street, Nelson.